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“Go, Jesus!”


“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Ephesians 3:20, NJKV

When my son was in third grade, he played football for a league through one of the local recreation centers. The football team and the cheerleading squad would practice at the same time, and I would listen to the cheerleaders, smiling and bopping along while they did their chants. One particular cheer stood out to me. The girls would insert the name of each squad member, and then that particular member would respond. For example, if one of the girl’s names was Lisa, the cheer would go like this:

Squad: Show me whatcha gon’ do, Lisa. Show me whatcha gon’ do. Go, Lisa! Show me whatcha gon’ do, Lisa. Show me!

Lisa: I’m bad. I know it. I got the skills to show it.

I got a kick out of watching each girl say her lines with confidence (and some with much attitude). I would snap my fingers and bounce along as they continued the cheer, calling out each squad member’s name.

My son is now in his mid-twenties, and I still remember that cheer like it was yesterday. Sometimes, when I’m faced with a situation that I know only Divine power can fix, I’ll start bopping and doing a revised version of that chant. My version is below:

Show me whatcha gon’ do, Jesus. Show me whatcha gon’ do. Go, Jesus! Show me whatcha gon’ do, Jesus. Show me! He’s bad. He knows it. He’s got the power to show it!

I will say those words repeatedly, smiling each time. I appreciate that when faced with an obstacle, I don’t have to rely on my own power. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t tried to do something in my own strength a time or two hundred. This faith walk is a lifelong journey, and sometimes I have to re-learn to get out of the Lord’s way and let Him do His thing!

If you hang around me for any length of time and something happens that’s a testament to the Lord’s power and glory, you’ll likely hear me say, “Go, Jesus!” I am constantly amazed by Him and how He works in my life, even during difficult circumstances. The Lord is good, plain and simple. As church folk would say, “All of my good days outweigh my bad days!” (Oh, I know that somebody knows that song!) I hope that you will read Ephesians 3:20 several times and let the Scripture resonate in your spirit. If saying, “Go, Jesus” is a little too out there for you, then praise Him in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable!

If you have a fun way to praise Him, feel free to share!